, v.t.dye (something) purple.
omalek a omurek; rullii el mo ulalek; chedelekelek, omalek a such, ulekel a such.
/malek a omalek; melodech a bedengel, malek a such, ulalek.
v.r.s.dyed purple; purple color/dye; pandanus dyed purple.
ulalek a such el mla moalek; blurek el such; mla mengodech a bedengel; omalek a such, ulekel.
See also:
> The chicken ate up the rice.
> The one who cooked the chicken is Miriam.
> Toki knows how to cast a magic spell on chicken bait (so that chickens will come).
More Examples:
> There was significant lower number of chicken eggs from her nest yesterday.
> Go to the store and buy a chicken for dinner tonight.
> I fried some fish and chicken for dinner tonight.
> Im hungry. I like to have some chicken soup.
> Go see the hen that has laid her eggs and bring a couple so we can cook them.
ulalk, n.r.s.purple color or dye; pandanus dyed purple.
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