kall, n.a.s.food.
kall a rokui el dongang; ongraol me a odoim me a kliou; kukau, ngikel, tuu a kall, kelel.
keleln.poss.3skelel a kall el ngii a oukall; kelel el iedel.
kall er a Sinaexpr.Chinese food.
kall er a mekemadexpr.C-rations.
kelek el udongexpr.my noodles.
kelel a charmexpr.food or feed for animals.
kelem el tuuexpr.your banana.
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> There wasn't any food.
> I was writing letters while my friend was preparing food.
> We use a knife to slice food.
> What food does he/she like to eat?
> Droteo eats only certain types of food.
> It's like Beachedarsai's food, though small in quantity, it never runs out.
Something beneficial(money, food, etc) keeps coming in steadily(from unknown source).
> Weigh or equalize the food of Ngersuul.
According to Palauan legend, spoken by a leader of Ngersuul to a disproportionately large raiding party from Koror, with the purpose of encouraging the enemy to be fairer and more reasonable. Don't overdo things/Keep things in proper proportion/This is too much for me or us to deal with.
> Weigh the food of Ngersuul.
According to folk history, Koror once sent a very large force of warriors against the tiny village of Ngersuul (Ngchesar in central Palau). When the force was seen offshore, the people fled to a sheltered hill and one of the village club leaders shouted to the enemy, "Why don't you weigh the food of Ngersuul?" suggesting that Koror either pick on a village its own size or send a more equivalent-sized force. The idiom expresses nicely the ideal of balanced opposition characterizing appropriate competition in Palau.
> It's like the food of Beachedarsai: though small in quantity it never runs out
i.e., something beneficial (food, money, etc.) keeps coming in steady supply (from an unknown source).
> Like the man of Ngesias, who left his serving of food to chase a chicken
Refers to a young man of Ngesias who was with a girl in the bush and was on the brink of persuading her to make love when he saw and gave chase to a chicken. Of course, he lost both the girl and the chicken. One may leave one task unfinished and initiate another, failing at both
More Examples:
> I only cook the food.
> I also made chicken soup for us.
> Names of the cooks at this school.
> Is the food expensive at Denny's?
> I went to McDonalds to buy my son his lunch.
Sina, n., [From Japanese] China.
Sina a beluu; China.
chad er a Sinaexpr.Chinese person.
tekoi er a Sinaexpr.Chinese language.
> John doesn't know (how to speak) Chinese.
More Examples:
> The Chinese ship finally sailed out last month.

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