boes, n.gun; blowgun.
boes a klekedall el omoes,mosii a ngikel, moes a belochel, bosel.
sekeboesv.s.go shooting a lot; good at shooting.
sekeboes a chad er a boes; meduch el omoes; sekeboes er a belochel, mosii; moes.
boes er a ngikelexpr.spear-gun.
boes er a ulekbutexpr.blowgun.
kelel a boesexpr.bullet
kerul a boesexpr.ammunition; gun-powder.
medal a boesexpr.sharpened projectile ejected from speargun; opening or end of gun barrel.
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> They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun
tama, n., [From Japanese] marble; fried flour ball; bullet; light bulb; ball bearing.
tama a kelel a boes; tamelengel.
n.poss.3stamelengel a tama er ngii.
tama er a boesexpr.bullet.
tama er a chetaklexpr.round piece of bait in shape of fish used when trolling.
tama er a dengkiexpr.light bulb (sometimes shortened to just tama).
tama er a otoelexpr.flashlight bulb.
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