buu, n.buu a bngel, ngerel a mlai me a bungel a boes, obuu a meterakl el chais.
n.poss.3sbreaking; explosion.
bngel a ngerel a dub me a boes.
bngel a daob er a chelmoll expr.the breaking of the ocean on the reef.
bngel a eabed expr.crack of dawn.
bungel a diil expr.celebration for first born child of a married couple (with presents given by father's family).
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> You're like the old man of Ngerechelong who uses a cloud to mark the location of his fishtrap.
i.e. you depend too much on people who are unreliable.
> He's like Chelebesoi of Ngeriil, dead in a fishtrap not his own.
A man named Chelebesoi (also the name of a fish) was robbing another man's fish trap when a head-hunting party came by and removed his head. He lost both his head and his reputation. The idiom may apply to one who gets hurt while trying to do someone else's job.
> You're like the man from Ngerchelong who uses clouds to mark locations of his fishtraps.
You depend too much on people who are unreliable.
chelmoll, n.reef (general area).
chelmoll a chei; omedeklel a daob. A chelmoll a ikrel a oreall el omodees a daob er ngii.
chelmelleln.poss.3schelmellel a chelmoll er ngii el beluu.
> Due to the weather conditions and increasing hazardous surf, the National Emergency Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau. Water conditions from outside the reef through all exposures are very rough at this time. Travel between Peleliu and Angaur, Kayangel and Ollei and/or outside the reefs are strictly prohibited. Small craft warning flags have been raised and the republic is requested to observe this warning. NEMO will continue to monitor these marine conditions and advise the public accordingly.
> When your heart wants to come close to my heart, it's like a person who wants to travel to the rocks in the reef.

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