, n.
green tree lizard; green skink.
chemaidechedui a charm el melemiakl e meleliuekl a kerrekar, maidui.
maidui a chemaidechedui; mekekerei el charm el melemiakl a kerrekar.
> He's very good at climbing./He's always beating around the bush.
> The concealment of the lizard.
This technique, perhaps the best known, derives its name from a lizard that may be seen to dart around to the other side of a tree to conceal itself from any observer. Properly used, the technique is regarded as unbeatable and almost magical. Its tactics are designed to surprise and confuse the opposition, always keeping the opponent off balance by maximizing the variable and unexpected. The selected alternative, where there is a choice, is the one calculated to surprise. No goal is approached openly until it is surely secured. General behavior and facial expression are a study in noncommitment.

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