cheraches, n.falling or outgoing tide; misfortune; scarcity. .
cheraches a omerolel el mo meched a chei; merael el mo mekesai, cheraches er a udoud, cherchesel.
cherecheseln.poss.3scherechesel a cherasech er ngii, cheraches a chei.
cherechesangv.s.inch.(tide) is just beginning to fall.
cherechesang a mocha cheraches; merola el mo meched a chei.
cherechesungv.s.pred.(tide) is about to start falling.
cherechesung a mochu cheraches; kmedu el cheraches.
kmes a cherachesexpr.when the tide goes down very slowly.
meringel a or strong outgoing tide.
See also:
> Like seaweed at Kosiil, out with the tide and in with the tide.
Kosiil is a location in the lagoon where the seaweed can be seen to bend in and out with the tide. The idiom is applied to a leader who is too flexible and unreliable. In the short form (Kora char ra Kosiil) it may simply mean, "I'll go along with what you decide."

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