, mod.not yet; not ever; never (dirk diak).
direkak a kirel el mo er ngii e direkak; kirel el mekedmokl e direkak le mekedmokl.
> I'm not even 2 months old yet and I'm getting tired of being alive.
> We haven't finished our homework yet.
> I haven't read the book yet.
> I haven't bought those (things) (yet).
> I've never gone to Guam.
More Examples:
> I'm lucky he hasn't slapped me yet.
> My son went to work and has not come home yet.
> I'm single. I have never been married.
, v.t.look at in a mirror.
merirek a omes er ngii er a direk; direkii a mes a mekngit er a chad e melekoi; merirek a omerellel a sechelil; dmirek; derekel.
direkakv.pf.1sdirekak a omes er a llecheklek er a direk; merirek er ngak.
direkauv.pf.2sdirekau a omes er kau er a direk; di kau el omes er kau.
v.pf.3p.inan.dmirek a merirek; mla dmirek a bedengel er a direk, derekel.
v.r.s.looked at in mirror.
delirek a mla medirek; ules er a direk, ekebil a delirek, direkii, merirek er ngii, derekel.
dirkallv.a.s.is to be looked at in a mirror.
medirekv.erg.medirek a mla moues er a direk; mla mechuiu a medal er a direk.
medirek a delirek er a mekngit el omerellel; direkii, melenguul a omerellel; merirek er ngii; mla medirek er a rechad; derekel.
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