eolt, n.wind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.
eolt a cheluut; ngebard a eolt, eolt er a ongos, meses a eolt, ses el eolt; eltel.
elteln.poss.3seltel a eolt er ngii el beluu.
meleoltv.s.meleolt a mededaes a rengul; melemalt a rengul, remenges a mekngit e obes, chemoit.
meraeleoltn.strong; variable wind.
eltel a ngebardexpr.west wind.
meleolt a rengulexpr.(person) carefree or nonchalant; (person) not easily disturbed or content to let things happen as they may.
See also:
> That's why the wind always gets strong.
> They will be like trees whose branches are burned by fire, whose blossoms are blown away by the wind.
> Whenever I'm with you, it seems as if we're always going from one thing to another.
> He's in a very good mood (esp., after drinking).
> What is the direction of the wind?
> Like the Bilimbi tree which, if not shaken, will not bear fruit.
Applied to a person who does not fulfill their obligations without constant prodding or nagging.
More Examples:
> Where is the wind coming from?
> The wind is coming from the southeast.
> There was a typhoon here in Guam three days ago.
> The wind is coming from the southwest.
> The wind is coming from the northwest.

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