rekel, n.poss.3sripe stage (of fruit when fruit is suitable to eat); cooked stage (of food).
rekel a mark; rekel a tuu; mark el bobai; merekang.
marekv.s.ripe; ready to eat; cooked; be in a half standing position (with legs bent) when dancing.
marek a ngeliokl; diak lechemadech; marek el kukau, marek el bobai, tuu; rekel.
/merekang just becoming ripe or cooked.
merekang a mla mo marek; tuu a merekang; rekel.
See also:
> Bend your legs!/Get down (into a good dancing position)!
More Examples:
> Go check the rambutan in the rain forest. If there are ripe ones, bring them home but make sure to hide them so people don't bum them off you.
> Watch till the other side is brown.
> Put the cooked bananas in a plate.
> Take some ripe bananans.
> Wait till they are cooked.

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