ears, n.sail; type of giant taro.
ears a klalo el omuked a eolt e orrurt a bekall er a daob, ears a rruul er a mamed me a cheleuikl el such; resel a bos.
reseln.poss.3sresel a ears er ngii; ears er a mlai er a daob.
beches el earsexpr.recent immigrants to village.
mechut el earsexpr.early immigrants to a village.
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mechut, v.s.old; worn out; decayed; spoiled; stagnant; (skin) broken out or having allergic reaction or irritated (with rash).
mechut a chut; diak lebeches. mechut el mlai, chetul, chut.
v.s.very old; aged; rusted; used up.
mechetongv.s.inch.is getting old, worn out, etc.
> My car is really getting old and is making rattling noises.
More Examples:
> Things items in this store are old.
> There will be a demolition of the old house two days from now.

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