meldelodech, v.t.redup.keep changing.
meldelodech a mekudem el melodech a teletelel; ko er a melodech er ngii; mo diak el ua ngii; ngedechel.
mengedengodech a mo diak losisiu; mekudem el mo ngodech; ngodechii, ngmodech, mengedengodech a tekoi; ngedechel.
ngeldengodechv.r.s.redup.various; miscellaneous.
ngeldengodech a betok a ngodech er ngii; diak le bleketakl a tekingel; di mengedengodech; ngeldengedechel a omerellel.
See also:
> He's like the octopus, which is able to keep changing color.
He's too erratic or too easily persuaded.

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