luk, n.silence.
luk a lmuk; diak a tekingel.
mla mengchii a lukexpr.(person) gone silent [lit. has bitten silence]
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> Be quiet!
More Examples:
> He thought he could give me the silent treatment so I ignored him.
omangch, v.t.bite.
omangch a bangch, mengchii, bilis a mla mangch a malk, mengchii a ngalek, bengchel. a omangch er ngii; katuu a mla mengchii a beab; mangch, bengchel a omangch; osiu a ungelel e mengiok; mengchii, tolechoi a mangch a tut; bengchel a tut.
/bengchoel to be bitten.
bengchall a kirel el obangch; beab a bengchall er a katuu. mengchii, mangch, bengchel.
blangch a blengechel; mla obangch; a chad a blangch er a bilis, mangch, bengchel
blengechel a blangch; omangch; bilis a blengechel er a kelel.
kebangchv.recip.(dog; etc.) have habit of biting.
kebangch a didu el omangch; bilis a kebangch, mengchii, mangch, bengchel
obangchv.erg.get bitten.
obangch a ulsongeb er a teblo el klalo, beab a mla obangch er a katuu; mangch, bengchel.
omengbangchv.i.(leg, arm, etc.) feel twinge.
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More Examples:
> I'm scared to get bitten by a crocodile.
> He thought he could give me the silent treatment so I ignored him.

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