mad, v.i.die; (electricity, etc.) go out; go numb.
mad a mo diak a telil; kodall, medei, mla mad, diak el outeliil, kodellel. starting to die or go out.
medei a mla mad, mla mo smecher. about to die or go out.
medkung a kmeed el mad; mochu er a kodall; kmal smecher.
mad er a kallexpr.die of hunger.
mlad er a rromexpr.drunk.
See also:
> The fire is (just) dying out.
> The child lied to Toki (saying) that her friend had died.
> Don't worry; there's really no way you're going to die.
> You, children, are to be pitied because your father has died.
> Droteo got so drunk (that he didn't know what he was doing, etc.).
> He's like Chelebesoi of Ngeriil, dead in a fishtrap not his own.
A man named Chelebesoi (also the name of a fish) was robbing another man's fish trap when a head-hunting party came by and removed his head. He lost both his head and his reputation. The idiom may apply to one who gets hurt while trying to do someone else's job.
More Examples:
> This old man stayed stiff and contorted as he died.
> Oh no! Electricity went out!
> I was working last night when the power went out.
> I had a pet dog but he died.
> Unruly kids that have twisted the pigeon's neck so it died.

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