mong, v.i.go (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).
mong a merael mo cheroid; skuul a ngar a mong.
Bong!v.imp.Go! Go ahead!.
v.inch.hypo.may become.
v.hypotheticalis about to go.
mlong a mla mong; mlo er a skuul.
/mocha beginning to arrive; is just arriving.
mochang a omerolel el mong; locha mochang.
/mochu about to go.
mochung a kmeed el mong; ke mochung? ak mochung.
el moexpr.until.
el mo el mongexpr.(do something) in a continuous fashion; go on or keep on (doing something).
ng mochu er ngiiexpr.there is about to be.
nguu el mongexpr.take.
> The weather looks as if it might be good tomorrow.
> It's about to rain.
> Some of our daughters have already been sold as slaves.
> I've go to go on an errand.
> Kukumai brought the food to her mother.
More Examples:
> I need to go buy me some pants for school.
> It seems like there is a possibilty of a typhoon.
> Those emperor fish should be fried and be sold at the market.
> How many hours on the plane to go to Palau?
> What do you say?

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