omached, v.t.break off piece of (food); break (stone, cement, etc.) into pieces.
omached a tiutudii a cherrungel; mached a kukau, mechedii, bechedel a kall. a omached er ngii; bechedel a kukau. a omached; tuktuk; mached a kukau, mechedii, bechede
/bechidel to be broken off/broken into pieces.
bechedall a kirel el obached, omached er ngii; kukau a bechidel, mechedii, bechedel.
bechidel a bechedall.
v.r.s.broken off; broken into pieces.
blechidel a blached.
blached a blechidel; mla obached, meluk el mo mekekerei,omached, mached a kukau, bechedel.
blechidel a blachedexpr.used to describe someone who is mentally challenged.
omached a ongraolexpr.prepare ONGRAOL for serving.
See also:
> It's my food so it gets divided, but if it's your, it doesn't get divided (i.e., you're selfish about sharing, but you don't hesitate to accept something offered).
> If it is my lunch it can be divided, if it is yours then it cannot
Two men habitually trapped fish in the same region of the lagoon. One would occasionally ask the other to join him at lunch, the other would always refuse. One day the man who refused arrived with no lunch. When the usual invitation was extended the man refused, saying that, anyway, he had no lunch. The invitation was insistently pressed until the reluctant one gave in. As they split the taro between them the one who shared made the above statement. The idiom is a mild rebuke of a retentive person

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