meleketek, v.t.construct; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase.
meleketek a mengisois el mo er a bab; toketekii a blai, toketek a kall; teketekel. a meleketek er ngii; teketekel. a meleketek; toketekii a blai; teketekel a kall.
keteketekv.recip.put together food baskets in a group; edify each other.
keteketek a kakerous el meleketek; mengisois el mo er a bab; toketek a kall, toketekii a blai, teketekel.
meteketekv.erg. to be constructed, assembled or put together.
teketokel a kirel el meteketek meleketek er ngii; teketokel a kall; toketekii a blai; teketekel.
teleketekv.r.s.constructed; assembled; put together.
teleketek a teleketokel; mla meteketek; teleketek a blil; blil a chachisois. toketek a kall, teketekel.
teleketokelv.r.s.constructed; assembled.
teleketokel a teleketek.
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> Our consumption of electricity is increasing.
> Therefore you are to issue orders that those men are to stop rebuilding the city.
> Our consumption of electricity is increasing.
> Droteo's behavior is getting worse and worse.

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