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A Chedam er a Babeluades a betik a rengul er a rengelekel el ngara belurir a redeleb el kmal di ua beltkil a rengul leko er kau me ngak. Kirel tial ureor el olsobel er a re mla mad el chedad, e a Profet Joseph Smith a millekoi el kmo, "Me chelechang e tial klou el moktek er a Dios lorreched mel bol mekedmokl, me a tekoi el mildung lokiu a re Profet a mocha tmaut, me a rengedel a Dios bochal meteketek er a beluulechad, me a lultirakl a rechuodel mla moluut, a Rubak a mla ochotii el mei er kid tial ngerachel me a techall."3Heavenly Father loves His children in the spirit world just as much as He loves you and me. Regarding the work of saving our dead, the Prophet Joseph Smith said, "And now as the great purposes of God are hastening to their accomplishment, and the things spoken of in the Prophets are fulfilling, as the kingdom of God is established on the earth, and the ancient order of things restored, the Lord has manifested to us this duty and privilege."3Religious Passages Found Online
Kemlo omoes era ked era tutau? did you hunting in the hills this morning?Sentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
Oumesingd er a ikel Rubak ocholt el mo er a reprofet er Ngii a melutk el kirel a terebengel a klengit el reng el mo er a derstang el chad me a beluu. Me a ikel dung a Dios, e Ngii a uaia lolisechakl, omekellomes, melisiich, e omeklatk er a Rengelekel. A derstang el chad me a beluu sel bo lak lorrenges a tekingel a Demerir er a Babeluades, eng di tir el lochau ongarm, ringel, me a kerior.Religious Passages Found Online
Ng mla er ngii a cheleuikl el bambuu el di ua kbekbel a blai el lulusbech el chesimer el melenget a eolt me a chull el di blechoel el ngar er ngii.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
Se el el kot el cheroid el iungs era aika el Channel a San Nicolas el kmeed el okeuid mea eim el miles era Los Angeles. Ng mle betok el rrak el chad era reksi a ulemdasu el kmo ng dirk mlo beluu engdi beches el omesubel a chetemel a kmo ng mla er ngii are Indians er ngii era uchei era lemei ere kristiano. A llecheklir el chutem mea charm mea eolt a uaika el bla el betik era kederang era Alaska el mle dachelbai el lluches meng nga era museum era Los Angeles.Translation of The Island of the Blue Dolphin
Ngdi chelechang el diak moumera ikel lulluches, e ng dirrek el diak el sebechiu el mo oumera ikel kulekoi."But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words?"Religious Passages Found Online
A lomdasu er ngii e ng di sokol el mo obiou.Book: Kemril a Ngikel
A ElizaR. Snow, el mle melchesel a Relief Society er a Nauvoo, a mlokedong er a President Brigham Young (1801–77) el mo merael lomais lomes a Ikelesia, e olngeseu er a rebisop el mekdubech a Relief Society er a ikel ward el lengarngii.Religious Passages Found Online
Te mekera a rechad a losiik a kelir?Book: Charm me a Dellomel
E le chomko ng kuk ngodech el chad el meduch el ousbech er a llemesel a rengul e ng mlo metik el kmo tirka el chad a ileakl el cheroid er a rebetok el chad e dirrek el ngar er a eungel ngike el di ta el merreder a rokui el tekoi e merous a klungiaol el di ta blingelel el mo er a rokui el chad.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
modoades a ungil blades; chelellak, medemedemek; modoades a cheldechedechal el chad a ochau a ungil el osengel a bis el mo er ngii.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Tirkaikid a ongalek.Book: Siukang er a Belau
A bekord eua el klok er a telia el sils e a Mr. Benger me a Mr. M. Wilson me a ngika el chad er a Sina a mlei.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
roberebek a mereberebek; diak el omes e merutech; miko a meduch el roberebek a klalo.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
olekngemodel a kosebokel; mereched el nguemed; beras a olekngemodel el ongraol.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A Belau a ngar er ngii a betok el bedengel a kerrekar el dubech er ngii.Book: Siukang er a Belau
Ng diak el kall.Book: Llecheklel me a Omesodel
Me sel kuruul er sel chetik el meruul er ngii, e ak mo metik er ngii el kmo a Llach a melemalt.Now if I do what I do not want, I agree with the law, that it is good.Religious Passages Found Online
Bechikau me di mkie er a beluam me di el kau el mo merur e bo moruul a blekerdelem.” Uriul er tia e a Captain Wilson a silebedii a king el kmo, te melatk el omekall er a bo el kukuk e le ng oikab el ungia eanged me a eolt a ungil.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
E a lebo lenguu e ng diak ledengchii el kmo ngerang e ko er a medekta er ngii e le ng kluk er a toluk.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Te di oubail er a leko te chedal a chelid e diak er omerellir ochotel a klisichel a klemerang el lodengei. Mongeroid er kau er a re ua isei el chad.having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.Religious Passages Found Online
A Ngerard a ta er a kmal meklou a kukau er ngii el beluu.Book: Omesubel a Bebil er a Dellomel me a Charm
A Uasisang a ochellel a demak.Book: Telungalek er a Belau
Me ng di dilu el ua isei e millemesumech er a Keo me a Moku e merolang.Book: Keo me a Moku
iul a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
kitrar a klekedall el omekoad a charm, chesbereber el olechiis a ngal.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Se el bo lemechut e ng kelel tia el meliik A meliik a diak lolai a kelel er a chutem.Book: Llecheklel me a Omesodel
Ngika el buik a uleba reng er a Kurimas. A Reng er a Kurismas a chimo el tekoi el kuureng me kid el rokui a mo oba el nga er a rengud me a klengar er kid—er a diak el dil chelecha el taem ng dirrek el bek el rak. Religious Passages Found Online
er ser a kumached a ikel kleim el blauang el kirir a re 5,000 el chad? Ng mle telal sualo a mlo mui er a der er ser cho moruu?" Me te dilu el kmo, "Ng truich ma erul sualo."When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of broken pieces did you take up?" They said to him, "Twelve."Religious Passages Found Online
Me a Ramo a mocha mengelebed er a chutem el lobang a kerkerul, e ng di tiang el kedang a diall, me a ikal yars er ngii le chotang el bekerkard er a chelsel a chetechat er a tutau, e ng kelkelang el lomes er ngii, e ng di ng meruul er ngii el leko ng kmal diak lomes. Ramo began to punch at the earth with his stick, but as the ship came closer, its sails showing red through the morning mist, he kept watching it, acting all the time as if he were not.Translation of The Island of the Blue Dolphin
Tirka kmal mle blak a rengrir el olsiseb er tir er tia el beluu el okiu a ungil el omerellir.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
ngbokl a mekudem el ruebet a ngbesel; ngbokl el ngalek; ngibes.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Mle chelil el tekoi.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Chomko ng diak losmechokl er kemiu el ua re bek el ngelekel, e ng diak kom meral ngelekel, e kom ngalek er oreomel.If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons.Religious Passages Found Online
ollaol a olsechall, klekedall er a omelul; ollaol er a ngikel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
chetkongel a blil a uloech; ngar er ngii e oboech.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Tia a dirrek el ngar er ngii a klou el rael el mo er a ked.Book: Kemril a Ngikel
chemiil a mengiil, olsingch, chemiil a bilas el mei. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ak mla rometii e mla obkuuk me ng mla mo kirel el bo dolul er ngii."Book: Hansel me a Gretel
Ng di ulemritel e dula er a Ngiramelengoes el kmo, "mereched el omdasu e tirka el chad er a Oreor a kmal kmeda e ngak a diak lsoak el mad er tiang." A Ngiramelengoes a dula er ngii el kmo, "lak komedakt e kid a mla mo mesisiich." Tirke el cheraro a dirrek el kmal medakt el di ua ikau.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ak di olengull er tia el telkib e merael. I'll just rest here for a while and then go.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
chisemesemel a omengisemesem er ngii; mengisemesem.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ma leko ng mochu tmuu a Petrus, e a Kornelius a ulsiueklii e mlo terrob er medal el osus er ngii.When Peter entered, Cornelius met him and fell down at his feet and worshiped him.Religious Passages Found Online
Tia el kual a ko er a di olsibes me ng dmu "tia el kualul ngika el mechas ng chemars?Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Me ng mlo ua ise me a bocha el belsechel a omerael e a rokui el mlai er a Ngermechau a tilobed el mo meradel er a Dilmellomes er a Ngeruikl.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Me a lebekiis er a tutau e ng nguu a chelasel e mo tuobed er a Idederach e olengimes el me tmuu er a Sechemus el mo remei.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
omings a bingsbedul; ringel er a bedul, ringelel a uldasu; diak a ngodech el omings er a chad, ng di bedul a omings, bengsel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
kakuk a didu el menguk el olab a kuk; kukur a chimal, kmuk a kekengel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng mo ngmodech a ikal bedenged el mechitechut e di mo nguemed, e remuul el mo ua bedengel el ungil e diak le metemall, el ousbech er sel klisiich el ngar ngii er ngii me ng sebechel el odak a rokui el tekoi e mo mengedereder.who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.Religious Passages Found Online
Te mlo medakt el rengrir te mla mesa deleb.But they were startled and frightened and thought they saw a spirit.Religious Passages Found Online
Many of these examples are taken from the 1990 Josephs dictionary or from Justin Nuger's dissertation or were uploaded by volunteers. The sentences marked with '(E)' are more likely to use correct spelling and orthography than those marked with '(U)'.
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