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Palau Language Proverbs Quiz

Please choose the corrective figurative meaning for this proverb:
 The Palauan year, conforming roughly to fall-winter, when the wind blows generally from the west.
 While Palau remains "green" yearlong, in late March or April many trees push out leaves of a lighter green color; this phrase designates this season
 A small fly-like pest, nguk, occasionally will destroy the taro plants in Palau. To rid the gardens of the pest the women of the village conduct a particular ritual: During an entire night the women, assembled at the village community hall, "munch" on a variety of chewy foods-not eating very much but chewing a great deal. This ritual imitation of the fly is to gain his trust and friendship, since the fly is a great eater. Having attracted the spirit of the nguk, the women proceed to the gardens early in the morning. Dressed in minimal clothing, abbreviated grass skirts, they perform a provocative dance by which the nguk is seduced. The women dance out of the gardens to the beach and into the water where the raptured nguk follows and is drowned. The idiom may be applied to a feast with abundant food, or to an individual who may be seen to nibble at food for a prolonged time.
 When provoked, he gets easily irritated or angered.
 When the men's clubs of Koror could not proceed as far as Melekeiok, a major village to the north that stood in political balance with Koror, the clubs would often stop over at Ngersuul and sack the small village. Yet the people of Ngersuul, over and over defeated, clung to their village and persisted through history. (Sometimes the village of Angaur is used, with a similar meaning, in place of Ngersuul.) The saying may be applied to the harried individual who is about to give up a task because of repeated failure.

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