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Please choose the corrective figurative meaning for this proverb:
 Soft or easy, like water. "It is easy."
 A parent wishing to punish a child may beckon him with a soft, sweet voice and, when the child comes, thrash him. May be applied where a leader secures his following with promises that he fails to keep.
 A paly on words invoving a form of the Palauan word for deception, which is similar in sound to "Belau" (Palau). According to one origin legend, the name "Belau" derives from a deception by which the people of Angaur tricked and killed the giant Uab, whose fallen body became the islands. Identifies a rumor, especially news that gathers detail as it travels farther and farther from its source.
 They eat rope; rope is used to tie slaves and is therefore a symbol of inferiority.
 i.e. the best or worst is yet to come.

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