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 The idiom is applied to a person who has more or less vegetated into maturity and old age and who, already far past his prime, suddenly tries without success to do all the things he might have done when younger. It may be used with reference to an elder who tries to be a dandy.
 There was once, in the hamlet of Ngerebodl (in Koror, central Palau), reputedly a very fine boulder path which began and ended nowhere in particular. The idiom may describe a person who seems to be working hard toward no apparent objective
 Hasty work can result in inadequate results and delays.
 The essence of this technique is the successful threat. Depending on the circum-stances,the threat may be rendered by out shouting, boasting, or a display of anger. In more words, and quiet confidence rather than openrefined settings, it involves the care fully veiled threat, soft rather than harsh boasting. It involves bluff and rumor. Facial expression is stern and threatening, or at least confident.
 i.e., you get involved in things that may hurt you.

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