chedelekelek a ilkolk; ko er a bedengel a chas, chedelekelek a diak le bechachas.
chedeleualekv.s.(person) dark-skinned. (optional with plural objects).
mechedlekelek a betok el chedelekelek; diak le becheleleu.
chedelekelek el chadexpr.person of African descent.
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> My dog has fur which is black fur.
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> My dog has black fur.
, n., [From English]
soursop (tree or fruit).
sausab a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. A sausab a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng di kmeed el ua a meklungel a ngel A redechel a mo meklou el kmeed el ua a meklungel a redechel a meriaur me a lechub e ng chebechab. Ng outoched a redechel e ng di diak el medecherecher a techedel. Ng kall.
sausebengeln.poss.3ssausebengel a sausab er ngii.
bekerkard el sausabexpr.heart (in cards).
chedelekelek el sausabexpr.spade (in cards).

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