bad, n.stone; rock; coral; crossbeams supporting floor or house.
bad a medecherecher el klalo, risois, baderitech, badelchei, mlus, basech, badumoachel. A rebebil er a rechad uluusbech a bad. Aika el bad a meklou el ngai el mo locha er a ulebengelel a ta me a ta er a rechad el oliochel.
bertachel, n.coconut which falls as soon as it is touched; buttocks.
bertachel a ta er a bedengel a lius, "leko kerdi mertechii a chelechedal e a mengur a ruebet".
chad,; person; human being; living being; someone; somebody; anyone; anybody.
chad a rokui el diak lulekoad el klaol; chad el dait; chad el babii; chad el ngikel; chad el lius. chad a sechal, dil, redil, ngalek, chad er a Belau, chad er a Merikel.
chelid, n.god; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center.
chelid a bladek, betok el kakerous, ochao a chelid er a Ngchesar, Ngirabeliliou a chelid er a Beliliou, oumesingd el beluu a di ngar er ngii a chedul.
chelid, n.third month of Palauan year.
chelid a ongedei el buil er a rak er a Belau.
Chelid, n.Chelid a Dios el ulemeob a rechad, eanged, chutem me a rokui.
melekingel, n.poss.3srepresentative; person who speaks for someone else.
melekingel a merolel; oderechelel el melekoi a tekingel; betok a remelekingel a chelid er a Belau.
mengid, v.t.turn or nod (neck) to one side; twist or wring (something).
mengid a mengam er ngii; chidir a chiklel, chelid el cheukl; mengid a melebes el melemall a dellomel; chidir, chemid a dait, dait a chelid.
nglosech, n.section of thatched roof of bai.
nglosech a blingelel a chado er a blai me a bai; rurrot a omechar a nglosech er a bai.
oltengel, v.t.take/bring down (from above).
oltengel a otengel; melai el me er eou; otengelii a banderang, otengelel.
techolb, n.ritual for discouraging evil spirits (often involving use of water for purification).
techolb a melecholb; tochelbii er a ralm; techelbel; techolbchelid.

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