belatong, n., [From Spanish] plate; dish; bowl.
belatong a blil a kall; belatingel
chainoko, n., [From Japanese] half-caste child.
chainoko er a Merikelexpr.half-American and half-Palauan child.
chainoko er a Siabalexpr.half-Japanese and half-Palauan child.
, n.America.
Merikel a beluu el America; mesuub a tekoi er a Merikel.
, n.leader; ruler; chief; person in charge.
merreder a kebekuul; oungerachel; menguteling a beluu; oba klemat er a urreor; bdelul a cheldebechel a merreder.
ouchad, v.t.have (someone) as a relative; act like person (of particular country or type).
ouchad a ngar ngii a rechedal.
techall, n.opening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.
techall a kedeorech; ungil el belsechel; ungil el temel; techall er a omeruul el ocheraol; techellel el dmu a soal; ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul.

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