ilteet, n.riches; power; majesty.
ilteet a meteet, mesiich, ngar bab el blai; ngalekilteet a ngaleksiich.
, n.unmarried state.
klsobeliall a mesobil; diak le bechiil.
ngalek er a klsobiallexpr.bastard; child born out of wedlock.
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mad, n.eye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.
mad a klekedellel a chad el omes; olab a ues; klidm, chelsul a mad, bsechel a mad, medal.
mengebuul, v.t.make (someone) miserable.
mengebuul a chobulii a chad; rullii el mo chebuul; nguu a bechil a chad a mengebuul er ngii.
, n.child; baby; anyone younger than speaker; sweetheart; fiance(e); pinkie; small finger.
ngalek a ngelekel a sechal er a delengchokl; ulechell a ngalek er a delengchokl el ngii a ulechell er ngii; mla mo chuodel e ng di ngalek er isei el delengchokl; ngar ngii a ngelsonges er a klisichel el ng ngalek. ngalek a kekerei el chad; ngelekel a demal, ngalektang, ngalekukeruu; ngalek er a skuul.
okang, used as bait (esp. for crabs).
okang a kall el lolab a rechad el mei; menga a ulekang. okang a uaol er a ketat; okelel.
, n.forest; woods.
oreomel a chereomel; chutem elmeklou a kerrekar er ngii; diak a delengchokl er a oreomel; meklou a oreomel er a Babeldaob.
chereomel a oreomel; betok a kerrekar me a besebes er ngii. A chereomel aike el chutem el ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar me a besebes me a emull el dimlak a chad el melalem, ng di mle ngii el dubech.
rael, n.road; path; way; canal; means; solution; way out (of); way to someone's heart; connection (between families, etc.).
rael a ulekrael el usbechall er a omerael; ledes a rael el mo er a blai; rolel a mlai; ngar ngii a ungil rolel a omengedecheduch, rolel a tekoi.
sechelei, n.friend; companion; boyfriend; girlfriend; lover; term of address from a woman to a group of people.
sechelei a soal a klausechelei; secheleingalek; sechelei a okedong er a klausechelei, e sechelei, sechelil.
, n., [From English] school.
skuul a olsechall er a omesuub; blil a osisechakl, skuul a omekrael a rechad el mo meduch el di tir.
telolem, num.6 [six] (human).
telolem a ochur (6) er a rechad telolem el ekebil; telolem el buik.
telolem el ngalekexpr.six children.
teuid, num.7 [seven] (human).
teuid a ochur (7) el mo er a rechad; teuid el ngalek, teuid el rubak, teuid el buik.
teuid el children.

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