bedengel, n.poss.3sbody; corpse; skin; color; type; kind; appearance; physique.
bedengel a chesbereberel, mamed a mellemau a bedengel. bedengel a chelechedal, ungil okerulel el ngalek a ungil a bedengel.
chei, n.ocean; sea; place for fishing.
chei a klou el daob; cheleched, chei a belual a rokui el cheled. Chelecha kede kuk mo er a chei. Me a chei a ngar er ngii a kebokeb, keburs, taoch, demetaoch, lalou, uet, lemau, kereker, chis dailechei, melekesokl, ngeraol, oreall, chiloil, chelemoll, me a daimechesengel.
, n.power; authority.
ngar er a eungel a derdellel a under Droteo's leadership.
emel, n.poss.3sinterior; rear of enclosed space; interior end of mangrove channel.
emel a chelsel; diak le ikrel; a mlai ulak er emel, blimam a ngar emel ng ulsechesech.
klebesei, n.night; tonight.
klebesei a ngeltel a sils el mo lmuut er a ngesechel a sils, milkolk.
ngar, (located); exist; be alive.
ngar a outeliil; chad a ngar; ngar er ngii a klengar er ngii; charm a ngar.
, pro.what; which; what kind of; anything (but or except).
ngerang a ker; ngera ke melekoi? tia ng ngerang? ngera soam?

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