bangderang er a Ngchesar,
, n.
the state flag of Ngchesar.
Ngchesar, n.village in east Babeldaob; hamlet in Ngchesar, south of Melekeok, north of Airai; the state in which Ngirakebou is chief.
Ngchesar a chimo er a beluu er a Babeldaob el beluu er a Desbedall; Oldiais.
> I'm from Ngchesar.
> There are six hamlets in Ngchesar.
> It's like the feast of Ngchesar, postoned till tomarrow, then the next, and forever.
You keep sayng tomorrow, tomorrow. You're lucky there's a tomorrow. Presumably, in the past the village of Ngchesar in central Palau tried and tried again to schedule a mur, the largest, villagewide feast conducted in Palau. But for various reasons the feast was forever postponed. The saying applies to the risk of procrastination.

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