btuch,; military star (on hat or clothing).
btuch a klalo el kmard er a eanged a le klebesei, btuch er a ongos.
, n.
Palauan variant of plumeria; plant in Strychnine family.
chelilai a kerrekar el betok a bngal el bechochod.
chelilai er a ngebardexpr.plumeria.
More Examples:
> We asked and got okayed to pick some plumeria flowers.
chesebel, n.poss.3scurved cut in taro made with ngark.
chull, n.rain; rainy season.
chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel.
eolt, n.wind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.
eolt a cheluut; ngebard a eolt, eolt er a ongos, meses a eolt, ses el eolt; eltel.
, n.
turmeric plant (used to make orange dye).
kesol a dellomel el tuobed a reng er ngii, kesol er a ngebard.
meradel a cheluchau.
merdeleln.poss.3smerdelel a meradel er ngii.
meradel er a ngebardexpr.non-indigenous orange.
ngebard, n.west; west wind; (non-indigenous) pineapple.
ngebard a meklou el beluu el diak el iungs; chad er a ngebard; klalo er a ngebard.
Ngebard, n.reef in Ngcheangel.
Ngebard a chelmoll er a Ngcheangel.
ouchad, v.t.have (someone) as a relative; act like person (of particular country or type).
ouchad a ngar ngii a rechedal.

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