klebesei, n.night; tonight.
klebesei a ngeltel a sils el mo lmuut er a ngesechel a sils, milkolk.
klebesein.24 hour period.
klebesei a sils er a buil; okedei el klebesei a ta el buil.
a leklebeseiexpr.at night; nights.
a ta er a klebesei eexpr.once upon a time.
er a bek el klebeseiexpr.every day; daily.
er a teruich me a eru el klok er a klebeseiexpr.at twelve midnight.
ng mla me mo el klebeseiexpr.the days gone by; past.
ngar er a medal a klebeseiexpr.the days ahead; future.
omeka a klebeseiexpr.growing fast day by day.
ungil el klebeseiexpr.festive occasion.
> I'll fix or do it in ten days at most.
> Are you going to build it again in three days?
> It's approaching midnight.
> Droteo went to Guam for three days.
> Three days had passed since she got sick.
More Examples:
> Bet they sleep in peace at night.

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