chainoko, n., [From Japanese] half-caste child.
chainoko er a Merikelexpr.half-American and half-Palauan child.
chainoko er a Siabalexpr.half-Japanese and half-Palauan child.
klalo, n.thing; product; something; anything.
klalo a rokui el usbechall, bail a klalo, tet a klalo, chutem, mesei, blai aklalo; ouklalo.
kombalii, n., [From English] company; helpers in preparing food; food so prepared.
mlai, n.canoe; car; automobile; transportation.
mlai a olidiuul er a beluu me a daob; mlai a oltak a rechad me a uleklool.
, n., [From English] Japan.
Siabal a beluu er a Asia.

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