sau, n.sau a soal; kausau a reng, ongel, smau.
soaln.poss.3shis/her/its liking; desire; he/she likes/wants; it seems/appears; feel (as if).
soal a sau er ngii; soal el chad, soal el beluu; soal a ues.
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> I like to listen to Japanese music.
> The woman likes the taste of that guava.
> Have you found something you like?
> You don't want to go to the movies, and you don't even want to go to the restaurant, so what do you really want to do?
> He doesn't want anything but or except a beer.
More Examples:
> I like watching baseball, what about you?
> Just make it clear that you really do not want to.
> Do you like your job?
> I really liked playing marbles with the kids from neighborhood.
> We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.

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