, pro.that object far from speaker and far from listener.
sei a melutk er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch; ngar sei; diak el tiang; sei er a mong a skuul.
se elconj.when (in the future); whenever.
se el sekumconj.if (used in negative sentences). el
er se er aexpr.when (in the past).
er se er a Sebadongexpr.last Saturday.
er se er a taem er a mekemadexpr.during the war.
er seiexpr.over there; in that place.
mekera iseiexpr.[used to refer to a method of doing something that the speaker has forgotten.]
ngera iseiexpr.thingamajig; thingamabob; whatchamacallit. [used to refer to something whose name the speaker has forgotten.]
se di's up to you.
se el soamexpr.whatever you want; it's up to you.
se el tebelexpr.that table (over there).
se er aexpr.conj. when (in the past).
tela iseiexpr.[used to refer to a number that the speaker has forgotten.]
tia iseiexpr.what's-his-name; what's-her-name. [Used to refer to someone whose name the speaker has forgotten.]
> You will be disappointed by Egypt, just as you were by Assyria.
> Droteo smokes cigarettes when(ever) he studies.
> Good people are glad, when they see the wicked punished.
> Why are you just sitting here? - Because they don't want me to go over there.
> I was studying when Droteo came.
> When my eyes are closed.
When one dies the eyes are "closed"; hence, to be dead. The term for "death" is mad as is the term for "eye," (mad; madak: "my eye"). Some sources suggest that the term for death refers to the closed eyes of a dead person.
More Examples:
> Who's Alex's boss again?
> My kids are so unruly sometimes.
> When it starts boiling, let it boil for about 15 more minutes.
> Wow, she's so good breaking it down with them hips.
> What's that phone number again?
, many; how much; to what degree?
telang a keril a ildois; tela rekim? tela ududem? mla mo telang?
See also:
> What's your phone number?
> How many hours ago did you get there?
> How many coconuts are there?
> Including yourself how many people live in your household?
> How old are you?
More Examples:
> How old are you?
> what time are you getting off of work?
> What's that phone number again?
> How old is your older sister? (only said by a female)
> How many hours on the plane to go to Palau?

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