, pro.that object far from speaker and near listener.
tilechang a melekoi er a cheroid er ngii el mengedecheduch e kmeed er a orrenges; beskak tilicha el babier; tilecha el blai.
tilechalcont.tilecha el
er tilechangexpr.there (near you); in that place.
tilecha el hongexpr.that book (near you).
> Their child is involved in that crime.
> What is that (thing near you)?
> Are you comfortable over there?
> That's the house that Robert was eating the fish in.
> Don't get me involved in that matter.
More Examples:
> Hey. That knot's no good. The boat will float away.
> And how is the weather over there?
> Hello, how's the weather over there?
> Did you ask and getting that betel nut?
> What's that?

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