tuich, n.torch/lamp (esp. for night fishing).
tuich a klekedall el meluich; tichel, belduchel el dui el omekllomes.
ticheln.poss.3stichel a tuich er ngii; meluich; omeluich er ngii.
ched el tuichexpr.tide suitable for night fishing with torch.
See also:
> Firebrand politics extinguished with water.
In a sense this is a response to "Fire brand politics," but it appears to be a fully developed technique none the less. It involves responding to anger with quiet calm and kind words. If it has a character of its own it would be called compromise. Buying the opponent off is approved. J. Useem names this strategy, but was perhaps unaware of the wider significance, For him the phrase pertained to "a small time official who use his authority for his own benefit but shrewdly avoids being detected by superiors." I think that most Palauan political leaders would agree that any political tactitian,knowingly using the strategy of his training, would expect to accomplish as much.
> Firebrand politics.
The essence of this technique is the successful threat. Depending on the circum-stances,the threat may be rendered by out shouting, boasting, or a display of anger. In more words, and quiet confidence rather than openrefined settings, it involves the care fully veiled threat, soft rather than harsh boasting. It involves bluff and rumor. Facial expression is stern and threatening, or at least confident.

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