, n., [From Malay babi]
babii a charm er a beluu el mekekerei er a kerebou e ng ungil el odoim.
odoim, n.non-starchy food (e.g., meat, fish, sometimes papaya, coconut, eggs) eaten to complement ongraol (=starchy food). [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].
odoim a ngikel; tech, cheled; odimel a kles, odimir.
olamk, n.any instrument used for shaving; razor.
olamk a klekedall el melamk; tomkii, tuamk, olamk er a chusem; olemkel.
ongall, n.large platter (orig. wooden) used for odoim.
ongall a blil a odoim el delsachel el kerrekar; ongolel. Delsachel el kerrekarel blil a odoim.

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