beches,; clean.
beches a kmal ungil, klikiid; bleches, beches el uldasu, beches el blai. bechesul getting clean.
bechesong a mla mo beches.
beches el ouchaisexpr.tell the truth; be frank; be direct.
beches el rakexpr.poinsettia.
beches el ralmexpr.clean/pure water.
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> My father is building our new house.
> Don't split an unopened betelnut; (instead) chew (one of) the already split betelnuts in the betelnut bag.
> Our new house was built by my father.
> I'll tell you frankly/bluntly.
> New sails.
Lineages so classed are of widely known recent origin in the village. Members are not considered eligible for clan title, though in recent decades of general depopulation many title holders are called "beches el yars" behind their backs.
> A new outrigger.
A newly married woman, a bride.
More Examples:
> I want you to be direct with me instead of prolonging it.
> Be honest and say you don't want to go instead of going and then regretting it.
> Any news?
> I need to buy new clothes because my clothes are already small.

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