bekall, n.sail; canoe which is sailing; (action of) driving or sailing.
bekall a omekall a mlai, bekall er a daob, beluu, bekellel.
bekelleln.poss.3sbekellel a teletelel bekall; omekall, bekellel a ngikel,bekellel a mlai.
bekellel a chedengn.shark's fin.
bekellel a mlaiexpr.driving a car.
chad er a bekallexpr.driver.
tekoi er a bekallexpr.special words spoken to ensure succes in sailing.
See also:
> Tacked sails. (Tacking into the wind.)
Bekall may refer either to tacked sails or tacking into the wind. The reference is to the navigator of a canoe who sails well and close into the wind; hence, a skillful leader who successfully navigates his people through difficult times
meduis, v.s.good at climbing; not afraid of heights.
meduis a diak le mechelaol; bekeu el melemiakl; meduis el melemiakl; diak el dadeb.
meduis er a bekallexpr.good at maneuvering around in moving canoe.
meduis er a mlaiexpr.good at maneuvering around in moving canoe.

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