omtab, v.t.fix upon (moon; stars; etc.) to find one's way; find (landmark); focus on/understand implications of (words; behavior; etc.); take (words, etc.) seriously; commit to memory; recognize as.
omtab a mes e mo medengei; remenges e ngmai; mtab a tekoi, mtebengii a rael, utebengel. a omtab er ngii. a omtab; mtebengii, mtab e nguelem e mo medengei; lotkii; utebengel.
mutabv.erg.mutab a ultab; omtab er a rechad; mtebengii a diak a blil; meloaoch a mla mutab.
omtetabv.redup.omtetab a telkib el omtab.
v.s.having a good sense of direction; good at understanding implications of things.
sekutab a bekutab; ungil el omtab e melelem e medengei, mtebengii, mtab, utebengel; orrenges e ngmai.
bekutab a sekutab; ungil e mereched el omtab, mtebengii, mtab a meldung, utebengel.
ultabv.r.s.fixed or focused upon. to be fixed or focused upon.
utebengall a kirel el mutab; kirel el mo medengelii; mtab a meldung, mtebengii a rael; remenges e nguelem a tekoi; utebengel.
See also:
> Come on in for a bit and eat.
> You won't get anywhere (lit., you'll become (as thin as) a stick and (still) not succeed).
> You're like the old man of Ngerechelong who uses a cloud to mark the location of his fishtrap.
i.e. you depend too much on people who are unreliable.

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