omusech, v.t.pluck (feathers, hair, etc.); blink (eye).
omusech a omadel; musech a chesemel, musech a chiul, msechii a dait, bsechel. a omusech er ngii; msechii a medal er ngak me ak merael. a omusech; melai, msechii a mesei; musech a dait, bsechel a dait.
belbelsuchelv.s.redup.(something) overly plucked or emptied; (a live chicken) partially plucked and unbalanced such that it cannot run straight; (a person) easily distracted and unable to focus on a single task. Can be used as a moderate swear word; to express frustration, disappointment, etc; or to describe something out of place, disorganized, disheveled, or otherwise not in order.
v.r.s.(feathers, hair, etc.) plucked.
blusech a blsuchel; nglai a bsechel, mla obusech, blsuchel a dait, msechii, musech, bsechel.
v.a.s.(feathers, hair, etc.) is to be plucked.
bsechall a bsuchel, kirel el obusech, ngeuul a bsechel, msechii a malk; musech
bsuchel a bsechall. .
kebusechv.recip.pluck at (each other's hair).
kebusech a didu el omusech; kebadel, melai a busech; msechii a belochel, musech a malk; bsechel.
obusechv.erg.obusech a blusech; nglai a bsechel; blsuchel, msechii a malk; mla obusech; bsechel a malk.
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More Examples:
> Lukes looks really weird because she is just cutting her hair and it's all messed up.
> A green garden snake chased me this morning. Darn snake!

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