, n.
belochel a chieb, ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm; belochel a kesiokel le ng ungil el odoim. A belochel a suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng ko er a bekekerekard e oumellemau a bedengel. Ng meklou er a bedaoch. Ngar er ngii a boklel el ngar er a bebul a isngel. A belochel a kall.
belecheleln.poss.3sbelechelel a cheldil belochel.
> There's a restriction on (killing) pigeons.
> Like a pigeon-seeing the danger, yet it flies from cover
The pigeon sits quietly concealed until some threat appears, then it flies out, revealing itself. The idiom applies to a person who unnecessarily exposes himself to danger, leaves the house in the rain, or takes a boat out in a storm.
More Examples:
> I'm going to hunt for pigeons.
> Unruly kids that have twisted the pigeon's neck so it died.

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