,; world; generation; era; period of time.
beluulchad a belurir a rechad; uldimukl a chetemel, debel, engedel me a eltel.
kot el beluulechadexpr."First World" (in Palauan legend, world of sea originated by Latmikaik).
ongeru el beluulechadexpr."Second World" (in Palauan legend, world of earth originated by Miladeldil).
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> Do you know that Ngeriungs is an important Bird Area in the world?
More Examples:
> The sun controls the rotation of earth.
> The ships that were burned is a message to the world not to mess with Belau.
bult, n.bult a omult; obult, meltii a rengul, ngodechii, beltel.
belteln.poss.3shis/her/its action of turning over.
beltel a mla obult, meltii, beltel a reng.
beltel a beluulechadexpr.Second Coming of Christ.
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> Turn the bananas with tongs.

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