beot, v.s.easy; simple; cheap; (matter) small, trivial or not worth to worry about.
beot a diak le meringel me a ka le mesisiich, beot el urreor, beot el chad.
bebeotv.s.redup.fairly easy/cheap.
bebeot a telkib el beot; bebeot el urreor. getting easy; has become easy.
bebeot a rengulexpr.rather undecided about something; not taking something too seriously.
beot a cheral
beot a rengulexpr.easygoing; nonchalant; unmotivated; lazy.
beot a tekingelexpr.easy going; not strict.
See also:
> It's really quite a trivial matter, but you're getting too irritated over it.
> Easier said than done.
> The prices for watches are pretty low in Hong Kong.
> He's easy-going.
> Guarding this village is easy.
More Examples:
> If death was so easy, they have done been put to the fire.
> We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.

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