bereked, v.s.leaning/touching against; sticking/stuck to; have an intimate relationship with; be close to.
bereked a omereked a eru el mo dmak, babier a bereked er a kboub, ngalek a bereked er a delal. merekedii, mereked, berekedel.
berekerekedv.s.redup.(person) attached to (someone else) (as child attached to mother); (person) prone to clinging to or latching onto others; very sticky; tending to stick all over everything.
berekereked a mesisiich el bereked; mesisiich a udel.
merekerekedv.s.redup.(surface, etc.) sticky (from something spilled, etc.).
merekereked a ngar er ngii a reked, rekerekedel a merekos.
merekereked a eoltexpr.humid.
mo berekedexpr.get stuck (to something).
See also:
> They are intimate with or close to each other.
More Examples:
> It is weird being married. You're not on your own anymore. It's like something is attached to you all the time.

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