bail, n.article of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.
bail a mamed me a klalo el omail, bilel a klalo, bilel a billum, ekebil a oubail.
bileln.poss.3sbilel a bail el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
bail er a clothes.
bail er a clothes.
chelsel a bailexpr.undershirt; T-shirt.
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> Sam's shirt is red, and my shirt is white.
> Mary is wearing a skirt and a blouse.
> Toki has completed her first month of pregnancy.
> I can see the child because he's wearing a yellow shirt.
> His clothes are covered with blood.
More Examples:
> Tina's dress is red.
> I'm going to buy pants and a shirt and shoes.
> He or she is wearing a yellow shirt.
> That kid drools so much that his shirt is always wet.
> Mark's socks are white.
buil, n.moon; month.
buil a klou el chaibibeob el btuch el kmard a le klebesei er a eanged; tab el buil, orakiruu, oidudur.
bileln.poss.3smoon, month, month of pregnancy.
bilel a buil er ngii el dioll.
builv.s. moon-shaped.
buil a medalexpr.have large, round, saucer-shaped eyes.
elecha el builexpr.this month.
elecha el me el month.
ta el month.
tia el me el month.
tia el mlo merek el builexpr.last month.
> It tends to start to rain/be rainy in August.
> The house was renovated in a month.
> Sis is washing her clothes in the ocean.
> I'm not even 2 months old yet and I'm getting tired of being alive.
> It tends to rain/be rainy in August.
More Examples:
> Did you pay back your debt to your father, the money you borrowed last month?
> The full moon is so beautiful.
> What month was your friend born in?
> I was born in May.
> The electric bill this month is a bit high.

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