mengemekl, (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.
mengemekl a chelemimiil; chomeklii a rengul e diak lomengur; chomekl, chemeklel. a mengemekl a buil; dioll; chomeklii a mengemekl er ngii. a mengemekl; olsongeb.
chachemeklv.recip.throw or trip each other by putting lever between each other's legs.
chachemekl a kabdebid el kirel a chutem; didu el mengemekl, di du el omid, chomeklii, chomekl a rengrir, diak a omoket, chemeklel.
chelemekl a diak le mededaes; chomeklii a chimal, mengemekl a tekoi; mengetituokel, chemeklel.
chelmekl a mla mechemekl; chomekl a ochil, mengemekl a ouach e oukerrekeriil.
chemekillv.a.s.(object which is stuck) is to be freed by inserting lever and prying; (person) is to be tripped or thrown by putting lever (e.g., stick, leg) between his legs.
chemekill a kirel el mechemekl; chomeklii, chomekl a kerrekar.
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> Toki has completed her first month of pregnancy.

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