mengisois, v.t.pile (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.
mengisois a meleketek; choisois a babier el mo er a bab; choisisii a blil; chelisois, chisisel.
/oisisii a mengisois er ngii.
oisisii a mengisois er ngii; meleketek.
/oisois a mengisois; meleketek.
oisois a mengisois; toketek a blai.
chelisoisv.r.s.piled up one on top of the other.
chelisois a chachisois, mla mechisois; klalo el ultak er a bebil er a klalo; choisisii, choisois a babier, chisisel.
v.a.s.are to be piled up one on top of the other.
chisisall a meleket; kirel el mechisois; choisisii, choisois a babier, mengisois er a blil, chisisel a blai.
chiseikl a kirel el mechisois, mengisois a tekoi; chad el osiochel a chisekill a tekoi er ngii.
v.recip.(persons, things) piled one on top of the other.
kachisois a chachisois; betok el klalo el kaiuetilech a kachisois; teleketokel el mo er a bab, kachisois a blil; chisisel.
chachisois a kaiuetak; mengisois; choisois a babier, choisisii a blil, chisisel, kaiuetilech.
mechisoisv.erg.mechisois a chelisois; dulii a urreor e choisisii er a tang; ngar er a bab er ngii; mla mechisois, chisisel.
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