mechiuaiu, v.i.sleep; lie down to rest.
ngalek a mechiuaiu, mechiuiuang, cheliuel (all) asleep together.
chachiuaiu a di du el mechiuaiu; kebedebad a rechad, rechad el di ulekedurs; cheliuel, kachiuaiu.
mechiuaiuv.s.(arm; leg) numb.
mo mechiuaiuexpr.go to sleep.
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> Sleep next to each other in the same position.
> Droteo can neither eat nor sleep well any more.
> The cat is sleeping underneath me (i.e. under my chair).
> What's keeping you from falling asleep?
> My children have each gone to sleep.
More Examples:
> May I go to sleep until tomorrow.
> My kid is asleep.
> You're sleeping on a pillow.
> You're sleeping under a blanket.
> I was sleeping on the bench and listening to the waves breaking on the shore.

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