chebuul, v.s.poor; pitiful; miserable; of low family; unfortunate; pitiable.
chebuul a olengesonges a lousbech; kesai a kelel me a ududel, diak a ngera er ngii; chelebulel, diak a mekerreuir.
mengab, v.t.put ashes on; get ashes in; have blurred vision.
mengab a chuab; locha chab er a dellomel; chobur, chuab a dellomel; chebul.
mengebuul, v.t.make (someone) miserable.
mengebuul a chobulii a chad; rullii el mo chebuul; nguu a bechil a chad a mengebuul er ngii.
mengub, v.t.solicit (esp. woman) with gifts; bribe; induce; pity.
mengub a msa a klalo a redil el omsau er a rengul; chubur a klok, chuub a udoud; chebul.

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