, v.s.blind.
cheuiko a meuiko; diak el sebechel el omes, a lechub e ng mekngit a osengel.
meiko a cheiko; diak leuesbeluu; mekngit a osengel, diak lomes, ikeuel.
See also:
> The blind leading the blind.
> Toki is blind.
> Toki is blind.
> A blind man leading another blind man.
The application is identical to that of the familiar English idiom
> Like the blind man of Ngetmel, twisting twine into the fire.
The image is that of a blind elder, warming his frail body beside the fire while twisting strands of fiber into twine against his thigh. Only as he pulls the finished twine away, he pushes it into the flames. The saying may be applied to any utterly pointless activity or dissipation of wealth.

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