, n.
type of fish.
cheldecheduch, n.r.s.conversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate.
cheldecheduch a tekoi el medung, mengedecheduch el mesaod a chutem; omengedecheduch, chedechedechal
eou, n.area/space below.
eou a diak el bab, eungel a blai a chemrungel, eoulbeluu a diak le kedidai, eungel a lius a mechuu.
mengedecheduch, about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.
mengedecheduch a melekoi; ouchais, chudecheduch a melung el tekoi, chudechedechar; chedechedechal.
oeak, v.t.go by way of; walk or go through; pass or go by.
oeak a merael er ngii; okiu ngii; oeak a ked, ouked.
rsel, n.poss.3send.
rsel a ullebongel er ngii; rsel a bambuu; rsel a dui.
tech, n.meat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food).
tech a chelsel a chad, charm; techel a babii, techel a malk, techel a ngikel.
uchelel, n.poss.3sbeginning; start; origin; ancestors.
uchelel a uchul er ngii; ulemechell; uchelel a rael, uchelel a urreor.
uchul, n.poss.3sbase (of tree); cause; reason; basis.
uchul a uchelel; uchul a kerrekar omuchel a klakoad; uchul a eanged, uchul a lius, uchul a secher a terrekakl.
uriul, n.area or space (generally) in back of or behind; after; later; following.

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