cheldechuul, n.r.s.way or method of doing something; way of stopping or avoiding something.
cheldechuleln.poss.3scheldechulel a cheldechuul er ngii, mengedechuul.
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> I have no means or way to do it.
mengedechuul, v.t.find/devise way to do (something); arrange; fix; save (sick person, person in distress); help; rescue.
mengedechuul a chodechulii; smiik a rolel, osiik a iellel; chodechuul a udoud el ngmai; chedechulel. a mengedechuul er ngii; mengituuk er ngii; osiik a rolel.
/chudechuul a mengedechuul; mengituuk, smiik a rolel el mo ungil.
chudechuul a mengedechuul; smiik a rolel mo ungil, cheldechulel. to be fixed/arranged.
chedechuall a udesuall; kirel el mechedechuul; chodechulii a smecher el mo er a osbitar; mengedechuul er a rengeasek el mo bekengerachel.
cheldechuulv.r.s.fixed; arranged.
cheldechuul a mengedechuul; mengituuk el osiik a rolel el mo ungil, chodechulii me ng mo er a skuul, chudechuul.
mechedechuulv.erg.mechedechuul a mengedechuul; osiik a rolel; chodechulii el mo er a skuul, mla mechedechuul, chedechulel.
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