mengeched, v.t.husk (coconut) (usually, by using wooden or metal spike in ground).
mengeched a melai a suld er a lius, mengur; chemeched a lius; chochedii; chechedel a lius. a mengeched er ngii el lius. a mengeched a lius.
/chechidel to be husked.
chechedall a kirel el mecheched; chochedii, mengeched a lius, chechedel
chechidel a chechedall.
cheleched a chelechidel; lius el mla mecheched; chechedel.
chelechidel a cheleched.
mechechedv.erg.mecheched a cheleched; chochedii a lius, nglai a seldel; chemeched, mengeched, chechedel.
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