mengilt, v.t.put oil on; grease; anoint.
mengilt a locha chilt er a bedengel; chiltii a medal er a becheleleu; chemilt a bedengel er a cheluch; chiltel.
/choiltii a mengilt er ngii er a chilt.
choiltii mengilt er ngii; chiltii. a mengilt; chiltii, chemilt a chimal er a sob.
chachiltv.recip.put oil on each other.
chachilt a di du el mengilt; chiltii er a cheluch, chemilt a ngerir; bekerekard, chiltel.
cheliltv.r.s.oiled; greased; anointed; cared for.
chelilt a mla mechilt; chelilt er a cheluch; chiltii, chemilt, ngalek a chelilt er a kar.
/chiltall to be oiled, greased or anointed.
chiltall a kirel el mechilt; mengilt er ngii, chiltii a omechell er a reng, chiltel.
mechiltv.erg.mechilt a chelilt; chiltii er a reng, mla mechilt, chemilt, mengilt, chiltel
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> People are really taking care of me these days.

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